It appears to us that some people may be confused about the specification of the amber coating on signalling bulbs.

ECE regulations require that an amber signalling bulb should be within a certain lumen output and colour parameter when illuminated, in order for it to be E approved and road legal.

At a glance, one signalling bulb amber coating may look different to another. However, please do not assume this means one of the bulbs is faulty or that it will fail an MOT test. Please see below chromaticity chart (Fig. 1). The yellow triangle on the right indicates the colour limits which the bulb must fall within to ensure it passes ECE regulations. Please note the three crosses on the chromaticity chart represent the amber bulbs in Fig. 2 test results. Although these bulbs appear to have a different shade of amber, the light the emit means they still conform within ECE regulations.



We can assure you that all Ring Bulbs are frequently tested to ensure they are within the specification. We spend vast amounts of time ensuring our products and testing facilities are to the very highest standards.



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