Valeting Products

To successfully valet your car, you will need to wash, polish and wax the interior as well as cleaning all the exterior parts. Also you will need to consider the engine, clean the mats, and clean all of the plastic or vinyl interior and remove any odours. Here at Retford Motor Spares we stock all you need for a successful car Valet as we stock a range of Car Shampoo, Car Conditioner, Odour Remover and other necessary cleansing aids. Why not give our expert team a call or visit us in store to see how we can help.

Take a look at what else we have to offer at Retford Motor spares, as we stock a wide range of Body and Exhausts, Lighting and Service Parts.

Please call us on 01777 704432 for all your Valeting Part requirements

Car Shampoo
Car Conditioner
Clay Bars & Lubrication
Cutting Compounds & Paint Cleaners
Engine Cleaners
Bumber & Trim Cleaners
Wheel Cleaners & Sealants
Tyre Cleaners
Metal Polish
Leather, Fabric & Carpet Cleaners
Odour Eliminators

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